Love Spell Using Urine

 Love Spell Using Urine

Love Spell Using Urine

For many people, urine is something that must be flashed in the toilet so that it is never seen again. This is because many see it as something useless. However, ask any experienced spell caster about the most powerful love spells, and they are likely to mention a love spell using urine. 

Casting a love spell using urine may be something you have never considered, but it is useful. This article provides basic details for someone who wants to use urine for love magic.  

Even though many people may not know, using urine to cast love spells is something that has been done for millions of years. Today, I have decided to use this article to provide more details about how to cast a love spell with the urine and hair of the person you want.  

How to cast a love spell using urine

Before you can hope to cast the spell, you will need to start by collecting all the ingredients that you need for the spell. You will need to begin by obtaining a few strands of hair from the person you want if you are using urine and hair. It’s much easier if the person is already a friend or lover. If not, you are going to have to be creative.

Conditions for casting a urine love spell 

A simple love spell with urine that works fast will also require that you use your own urine. It is also vital that you are clear about your intention. This means that you should stop and decide what it is that you want to happen. This means you must be of strong will and character. 

If you are performing the powerful love spell with urine because you want an ex-lover to come back, these spells usually work better if they still have feelings for you. In my experience, I have also realized that this spell is most effective if performed by a female. However, this does not mean that it will not work when done by a man. 

What time should a love spell using urine be performed?

An easy love spell with urine is mostly useful when performed at midnight. Why is midnight an effective time? Remember that you are transporting forces within the universe when you perform a spell or any form of magick. Many obstacles may interfere with your spells during the day because so much is happening.  

Midnight is the time when the veil between the elements of the universe is at their thinnest. This implies that there is little resistance for anyone attempting to cast a spell for anything.

Fast before casting a spell 

I am not sure if you know, but many spiritual things like casting love spells produce better results if casting the spell or being helped cast a spell has fasted. While there is no specific amount of time that the fasting should take, I would advise a 12 hour fast before casting the spell.

However, if you are fasting, you can still drink water. However, I would also advise that you limit this to a maximum of three times a day. This could be more if you have a health condition. 

For more details, please feel free to call me or send me an email.    

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